Looking for some Christian encouragement for your marriage? Come grab this popular 3-eBook marriage bundle from the popular marriage site Fulfilling Your Vows™.

Christian Marriage eBook Bundle (PDF)

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This marriage eBook bundle features 3 of our best-selling Christian marriage eBooks. These books retail for $45 together and you can grab all 3 of them for just $15, that’s a savings of $30! These eBooks are a must-have for any Christian wife who wants to have a better marriage!

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In this bundle you will receive the following eBooks:

Biblical Encouragement for the Modern-Day Wife

Biblical Encouragement for the Modern-Day Wife features 29 different Christian bloggers sharing their heart and encouraging people to commit to having a better marriage! Adapted from our popular 3rd annual 31 Days to a Better Marriage series featured on christianmarriageadventure.com, you can expect to see 32 chapters focusing on many different aspects of Christian marriage.

You can expect to read about:

  • being married to an unbeliever
  • sexual intimacy in marriage
  • lessons learned through a divorce
  • staying strong through a miscarriage
  • how to make it through chronic illness
  • respecting your spouse
  • the impact pornography has on a marriage
  • the importance of doing devotionals with your spouse
  • seeking help in marriage
  • the impact of adultery in marriage
  • forgiveness in marriage
  • you can achieve true happiness in marriage
  • and much more!

Encouragement for Christian Wives: 30 wives share their wisdom

With 30 of the most amazing Christian women bloggers on the web, the eBook Encouragement for Christian Wives: 30 wives share their wisdom is full of the encouragement, grace, and wisdom you need to continually nourish and grow your Christ-centered marriage. This digital book is adapted from our popular 2nd annual 31 Days to a Better Marriage series on our marriage ministry website, christianmarriageadventure.com.

You can expect to read about:

  • why Christian wives should have more sex
  • how God can redeem an unequally-yoked marriage
  • nurturing your marriage during financial hardships
  • domestic abuse
  • reasons why your marriage isn’t thriving
  • how to be sensual (when caring for young children has you tired)
  • the art of forgiving
  • how prayer and fasting can bless your marriage
  • things you should know before getting married
  • the truth about marriage after saying “I do”.
  • and much more!

31 Days to a Better Marriage eBook

Are you looking for some wisdom from seasoned Christian wives who have walked through and overcome different trials in their marriage? Then you are in the right place! This book is adapted from our 1st annual 31 Days to a Better Marriage series. We pray that God will speak to your heart about the beautiful covenant of marriage through the 31 different voices sharing their hearts about biblical marriage. This book will certainly help bring a message of love, hope, grace, healing, forgiveness, peace, and joy to your marriage!

You can expect to read about:

  • advice for the wife who wants to stay with her husband after hard circumstances
  • the truth about God’s design for sex in Christian marriage
  • how to fight and resist temptation in your marriage
  • tips to help save your pastor’s marriage
  • R-E-S-P-E-C-T in marriage
  • the importance of speaking well of your spouse
  • protecting your military marriage
  • should your kids or your marriage take priority?
  • celebrating differences rather than letting them divide your marriage
  • praising God through the heartbreak of divorce
  • tips for successful, lifelong marriages
  • how to embrace and enjoy your sexuality in marriage
  • learning to love your husband God’s way
  • how to build trust in your marriage
  • and much, much more!

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