Marriage Win Workshop: Communicating Through Conflict

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Ready to effectively communicate with your spouse, even during conflict?

✅ If you're tired of arguing with your spouse, without resolving anything, this workshop is for you!

 If you and your spouse are unsure how to effectively (and respectfully) express yourselves during conflict, this workshop is for you!

✅ If you are ready to nurture communication in your marriage, with God at the center, this workshop is for you!

Our workshop, Communicating Through Conflict, will open your eyes to some ways that you can improve your approach to communicating with your spouse during conflict. 

MARRIAGE WIN: Respectful communication that can withstand disagreements within a marriage. 

What You'll Learn:

Through various questions, you'll discover your communication style, and how your personality tends to deal with conflict. You'll also be equipped with scriptures that will walk you through difficult conflicts you may be experiencing in your marriage.
You will also be challenged to:

  • Allow the Holy Spirit to lead during conflict. 
  • Align yourself with God's peace.
  • Not tear each other down with hurtful words.
  • and more!

What You'll Receive:

  • Digital Workshop
  • Downloadable PDF Workbook


Please Note: This workshop is included in the  Ultimate Bible Study Experience for Couples. (That means you already own this workshop if you have the  Ultimate Bible Study Experience for Couples.) 

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