Marriage Win Workshop: How Gratitude Grows Your Marriage

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Ready to learn genuine gratitude and how it affects your marriage?

✅ If you want to grow closer to God and your spouse, this workshop is for you!

✅ If you and your spouse are ready to learn the true meaning of gratitude together, this workshop is for you! 

✅ If you’d like to cultivate more gratitude in your marriage,  this workshop is for you!

Our workshop, Living Gratitude, will help you discover how you can live a life of gratitude to God and how this will strengthen your marriage. 

MARRIAGE WIN: Strengthen your marriage by actively practicing the biblical art of gratitude. 

What You'll Learn:

Through deep reflection and prayer, you and your spouse will discover the areas in which you need to practice more gratitude and how to apply the Word of God to your marriage. You’ll also be given a handful of scriptures to study and truly understand the meaning of gratitude.

You will also be challenged to:

  • Pinpoint your triggers.
  • Cast your cares upon God.
  • Align yourself with God’s Word. 
  • and more!

What You'll Receive:

  • Digital Workshop
  • Downloadable PDF Workbook


Please Note: This workshop is included in the  Ultimate Bible Study Experience for Couples. (That means you already own this workshop if you have the  Ultimate Bible Study Experience for Couples.) 

If you're looking for a comprehensive bundle of short, actionable marriage-focused Bible studies (at a deep discount), the Ultimate Bible Study Experience for Couples is for you!

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