Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the FAQ (frequently asked questions) page. This page is to help you navigate the most common questions our customer service department receives.

How do I download my purchased files?

Once you finish the check out process, you will be redirected to a page that contains the link(s) to download your product file(s). You can download them immediately.

You will also receive an email with links to your files but sometimes this email will end up in your junk/spam folder. The best and safest way to download your files is to simply login to the account you created when you purchased your product and you will find them there.


Can I share these files with others? 

No. These files are all copyright protected and it is illegal to reproduce them outside of your immediate family. If you would like to recommend these files to others, simply send them a link to the product page where they can legally purchase a copy for their own immediate family use.

Can I use my purchase with my church organization or homeschool group?

In order to do this, your group or organization must purchase a site license. A site license by legal definition gives your group the ability to use the file(s) you purchase under the site license pricing of rights-protected work used by multiple users at a single location. The users of the site license are granted permission to access copy protected work, but only at that particular location.

For instance, if your church group or organization wanted to purchase Matters of the Heart: a 52-Week Scripture Memorization Challenge for Women to use in a women’s ministry group, they would need to buy a site license. This license would give them the ability to print off as many digital copies as needed as long as they are used on computers within the church facility and for use within the church ministry. The files may not be distributed to others outside of the church or computers that leave the church. The same goes for any group or organization that purchases a site license. All purchasers are bound to the legal requirements stated above.


How do I download my file to my phone?

Most cell phones do not have the software needed to open the file types you receive for our digital products. The best way to download any of these files is by logging in to your account and downloading them onto your home computer or laptop.

How do I download and open a zipped (.zip) file?

You will need to unzip the file on a desktop or laptop computer. Simply click on the file and follow the instructions below to “unzip” the file (based on your operating system):

Can I send a PDF to my Kindle Device?

The answer is yes. Please keep in mind that a PDF isn't optimized for Kindle but can be red on one. You can find specific instructions on how to do so here.

Site Licenses + Wholesale Pricing


Have a different question?

If you didn’t find the answer to your issue above, please email customer service (with your order # and issue)please email us here.