Marriage Win Workshop: Money Mindset for Couples

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Do you want to develop a healthy money mindset within your marriage? 

✅ If you want to openly and effectively communicate finances with your spouse, this workshop is for you!

✅ If you and your spouse want to discover your individual mindsets about money, this workshop is for you! 

✅ If you’d like to strengthen your marriage and financial discipline, this workshop is for you!

Our workshop, Money Mindset for Couples, recommends practical ways to get on the same page in your finances once and for all.

MARRIAGE WIN: Developing a healthy money mindset in your marriage. 

What You'll Learn:

In this workshop, you and your spouse can pinpoint your personal beliefs and mindsets regarding finances. You’ll also be challenged to answer reflection questions that will encourage you to get an overview of your spending habits. Together, you and your spouse can set financial goals and have a confession list to pray over your finances. 

You will also be challenged to:

  • Become wise stewards of your money.
  • Communicate your beliefs around finances with your spouse.
  • Set realistic financial goals together.
  • And more!

What You'll Receive:

  • Digital Workshop
  • Downloadable PDF Workbook


Please Note: This workshop is included in the  Ultimate Bible Study Experience for Couples. (That means you already own this workshop if you have the  Ultimate Bible Study Experience for Couples.) 

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